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Helping Rav Gafne Continue His Shlichus

After more than 45 years of constant and selfless giving, Rav Gafne retired from Yeshivah Ohr Tmimim Tomchei Tmimim and moved his shlichus to Tsfas, Ir HaKodesh. For all he has done and given to all of us, for the countless Chassidic families around the world he has helped mold and build, we now have the chance to help him, as he was not left with enough income or savings to support his family. May he live and be well, and continue his Holy work of spreading the wellsprings of Chabad Chassidus like only “Gafne” can do.

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Monetary gifts can be given directly through paypal in shekels or dollars using the e-mail addresses: or or using the one-time and monthly payment forms below on this page. Gifts by check can be accomplished by making them payable to Schneur Zalman Gafne (without the rabbi or rav title as the bank does not readily recognize) and sending them to: Rabbi Schneur Zalman

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Gafne, P.O. Box 7763, 3 Sapir Street, Nevei Ohranim, Tsfas, Israel, 13100. Any inquiries about any of the above can be addressed to: Write to Rav Gafne directly at
For monthly donation through Israeli bank.

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