Reuven Avrahom Sutin


Rav Gafne, HaGaon HaChassid HaTamim,

Due to Rav Gafne’s devotion as a mentor, and teacher, my life has been given new meaning. While in college, I struggled once with drugs, in a major way. I didn’t see any good alternatives to life in the secular world, so I turned my interest toward religion. Being a curious young lad, and bored to death with what Reform Judaism had to offer, I thought that Christianity might hold the truth. Baruch Hashem, I simultaneously found myself drawn to the Chabad House on campus, and it was one of Rav Gafne’s former talmidim, Rabbi Shmuel Weinstein-the shliach on campus, who directed me to the true G-d of Israel, to the Moshe of this generation, and to the Chassid who really knows how to properly explain our current relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe while dealing with the world we live in, Rav Gafne.

When finally in Eretz Yisrel in Yeshivah Ohr Tmimim, I learned about the simplicity of striving toward piety, which involves self-sacrifice, a unique trait of Chabad Chassidus. I learned the laughter of chassidishe tales about misnagdish mentality. It was through Rav Gafne’s devotion to his talmidim that I learned what life really is: The joy in being a part of a Chassidic brotherhood who rejoice in each other, and in their shepherd, while maintaining individuality. Rav Gafne’s guidance continues to shape my world perspective, as well as my individual perspective, while maintaining a balance between husband, public school teacher, and chassid. Here’s to you Rav Gafne, L’Chaim! Yechi HaMelech HaMoshiach ;o)


Reuven Avrahom Sutin