Talmidim stories & dedications

Rav Gafne has expressed a desire to keep Ohr Tmimim alive by memorializing our personal experiences at Ohr Tmimim, B”H, to be printed and presented to Rabbi Gafne as a gift at some point in time in the future. Please take some time and reach out to Rabbi Gafne by offering some kind words about your experience at Ohr Tmimim and how it has affected and shaped your life. As the Lubavitcher Rebbe himself stated in a public address:

“Anyone who once learned in Tomchei Tmimim remains a Tamim, a student of Tomchei Tmimim, forever.”

To submit your own dedication or letter to Rabbi Gafne please click here. In the event that you do not wish for your letter to be published on the site please indicate so with your submission.

Reuven Avrahom Sutin

B”H Rav Gafne, HaGaon HaChassid HaTamim, Due to Rav Gafne’s devotion as a mentor, and teacher, my life has been given new meaning. While in...

Phivel Caplan

Rabbi Gafne is the quintessence of a mashpia. He is truly my spiritual father (not in any way contradicting that the Rebbe MH”M is our...

Matis Abarbanel

B”H 5th of Teves (Didan Notzach), 5773 Dear Rabbi Gafne, Given the constraints and limitations of dibor, I would like to attempt to express my...