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As his talmidim and many others the world over know, after over 45 years of giving his life over with the utmost of self-sacrifice and dedication for the sole purpose of spreading the wellsprings of Torah and Chabad Chasiddus, Rav Gafne was obliged to retire for reasons beyond his control upon the closing of Yeshivas Ohr Tmimim in Kfar Chabad.

After nearly half a century building families and children of the Rebbe, true Chabad Chassidim, Rav Gafne was unable to continue spreading light within the confines of Tomchei Timimim, and left with little means to support himself and his family.

It’s brought down in Ha Yom Yom that action is far more powerful than sighing. Hence, we decided to build this website as a dedication to Rav Gafne, Ohr Tmimim, and his teachings, and to help him sustain his shlichus. As it’s brought down in the Shulchon Oruch, one is obligated to honor and be in awe of his teacher to a greater degree than his own father. While one’s father brought him into this world, his true essence and being is his soul, which is influenced primarily by one’s teacher.

Whoever had the schus to learn at Ohr Tmimim will tell you, there are Chassidic teachers, and then there is Rav Gafne. After sitting through one of his Samuch Vav or Ayen Beis shiurum, or participating in one of his farbrengens , anyone will tell you Rav Gafne is in a league of his own. The teachings, influence and “Gafneisms” we have somehow merited to be part of are a priceless eternal treasure.

No value can be given to the advice and guidance that Rav Gafne has tirelessly given to hundreds of Chabad Chasidim around the world, and to the next generation of their progeny. And now Rabbi Gafne’s talmidim, followers, and supporters around the world have merited a Divine Blessing that has no bounds; the opportunity to give a little something back to our teacher, as he continues his work in the holy city of Tsfas, surrounded by new and old talmidim and members of his extended family.

RabbiGafne.org is, amongst other things, a gift and dedication to our teacher and rabbi, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Gafne. It’s a place for his talmidim and followers across the world to communicate with him, and each other. It’s a place to share Rav Gafne’s teachings, inspiration, and dedication, and likewise, a place for us to help provide a foundation for Rabbi Gafne’s continuing shlichus. Thank G-d, after resettling in Tsfas in the winter of 2012, in short order, Rav Gafne resumed his work, with a full schedule of teaching engagements and hoshpo’o over new and old “mekablim,” and fast became a sought after personality at community fabrengens.

Despite a modicum of courtesy fees, he remains without sufficient means to support himself and his family, and therefore dependent on his former talmidim and colleagues across the world for

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support. May Rabbi Gafne live and be well and may he merit the highest revealed blessings, b’prati, v’clalit, b’gashmias, v’ruchnias, in the continuation of disseminating the wellsprings of Chassidus in an environment well known for its relevance to Moshiach.

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